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About B-HART Accreditation

At B-HART we believe that using a human rights-based approach is the next level from the social valorisation model of providing supports and services to people with disability.

Applying human rights-based approaches means taking responsibility for our attitudes, for our mindsets, and making sure our decision-making is first and foremost informed by the human rights of people with disabilities and all our stakeholders. To do this sustainably we must consciously and intentionally embed human rights-based approaches across our businesses. It cannot be piecemeal or ad hoc.

At B-HART we are committed to supporting providers to have access to the kinds of supports that they need to effectively realise and support the human rights of people with disability through B-HART Accreditation in human rights-based approach.

B-HART’s accreditation process offers providers a comprehensive benchmarking assessment tool that helps providers reflect on their current practices and develop a plan for what is needed to integrate human rights-based approaches more fully. This is underpinned with five core capacity building workshops designed to develop the attitudes, mindset and skills needed to build the approaches required to engage fully with human rights-based approaches.

B-come a B-HART member, register to get accredited and elevate your profile as an organisation that practices human rights-based approaches.

B-Accredited B-HART members are featured on YouBeeU a new and unique register of accredited providers. 

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