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Samantha Brass


Samantha is a single mum of four amazing children, the youngest is 10 and the oldest is 17, he lives with grandma. All her children have autism spectrum disorder as well as multiple disabilities. She also supports her mother with different aspects of her life, she also supports her adult nephew with his NDIS and build him up to live independently despite his disabilities.  


For the first time in a long time as an emerging social worker, She feels that this is the direction that she wants to head with the degree as well as support families, and adults that have complex needs to live a fulfilled life free from discrimination. B- HART align strongly with her values and beliefs, that every human being deserves to live a life free from discrimination. She is honored to be a part of an organisation that has people as passionate as me about creating positive change. She honestly looks forward to the future with B-HART and cannot wait to do more. 

Samantha Brass
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