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Elevating Human Rights-based Approaches in your Practice

Human Rights are universal, and they are, in principle, universally supported. Disability services and supports are about enabling people’s human rights. If you work with people with disabilities human rights should be fundamental and foundational to your practice.

Elevating Human Rights-based Approaches involves investing time to better understand what is meant by human-centred practice and human rights-based approaches and how you can embed them, consciously and intentionally in what you do.

This workshop is designed to support Providers understand how to transform their services and supports to better enable people living with disabilities to realise their full potential and their rightful place in our society.


Part 1 – Human Rights the Hope and the Promise

  • The hope of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and understanding the evolution of disability.

  • The promise of the NDIS and Choice and Control, the reality of the Disability marketplace and the challenges of NDIS registration and regulation.

  • How people with disabilities experience their human rights.

Part 2 – Elevating Human Rights

  • From the Social Model to HRA

  • How human-centred and human rights-based approaches take us beyond person-centred practices.

Part 3 – Getting Started

  • The challenges and opportunities of framing disability support services with Human Rights-based Approaches.

  • Transforming Human Rights values and principles into practices.

Part 4 – The Business of Human-Centred and Human Rights-based Practices

  • The power of accreditation to elevate human rights through sector-based recognition and distinction.

  • The need for targeted and dedicated capacity building to underpin HRA

  • The importance of peer-directed thought leadership.


  • Content designers and facilitators with experience in all aspects of managing disability support services, contributing to disability sector professionalisation and diverse and deep experience navigating the NDIS eco-system as participants.

  • Interactive format, designed for maximum engagement and learning, supported by limited attendee numbers increasing personal attention.

  • Reading list, resources and workbook to capture and continue your learning journey.

  • B-HART B-Connected membership is included in your registration.

  • This workshop is a component of a larger program of accreditation and professionalisation. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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