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The Story of B-HART

The B-HART story is a story of hearts and minds. Hearts yearning to enhance the human experience of people with disabilities and minds grappling with the challenge of how we can do this better?

In disability the answer to 'better' is framed by human rights. Recognising, respecting and reinforcing the human rights of people with disabilities. It's the hope embodied in UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it's embedded in our anti-discrimination legislation, it's the promise of the NDIS, it frames our quality and safeguarding standards, it's a competency we assume of our workforce. 

While B-HART was established in 2022, the discussions that led to its creation went back over many years. When B-HART's co-founders came together; one was realising his passion and belief in the value of embedding human-centred and human rights in the management and delivery of disability services; while the second, was reflecting on what they had learnt after 20years experience in the disability sector working with diverse and varied stakeholders in sector development, capacity building and innovation.

Our discussions mused over the continued 'failures' in support services and the complex market 'fails' of the disability marketplace being reported through the Royal Commission, various other reviews and our own work and personal experiences. 

Our musings led us to the realisation that the way forward had to focus on elevating human rights-based approaches into a tangible and evidence-based practice for disability providers and a recognisable provider benchmark for people with disabilities.

The result was B-HART being established as a social enterprise with the goal of elevating a human rights-based model of management, leadership, and support practices.

The B-HART team includes people with disabilities and family members, a dedicated team of practitioners, community leaders and supporters who are committed to our mission to elevating human rights as one way of creating a better world for all.


Find out more about our co-Founders and join us to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Strategic Plan 2023 - 2025 Reporting February 2024:

Our comprehensive strategic planning document for 2023-2025 is now available for download. This document includes the B-HART Practice Model, which outlines the methodologies and principles we utilise to guide our efforts and ensure continuous improvement. Additionally, it details our strategic priorities, demonstrating our roadmap for achieving B-HART's mission. To gain deeper insights into our vision and plans, please download the file here:

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