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Our Team

B-HART is a social enterprise with the goal of promoting positive cultural change in the disability sector by elevating the understanding and application of human-centred and human rights-based approaches.  

Our mission is to elevate a human-centred and human rights-based model of management, leadership, and service practices, as the preferred practice model throughout the disability sector.  

At B-HART, we are dedicated to transforming human rights from principles and policy to accessible practice standards for service providers and service users alike.  We are a service for providers of disability supports and services and we do this in partnership with both providers of services and people living with disabilities. 

If you’re visiting our website, it might be out of curiosity, but I'm hoping it's because you yourself are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people living with disabilities and value the transformative potential of Human Rights-based approaches.

Meet the Team

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